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Trail Challenges

Any combination of pasture, arena, obstacle course and trail with at least 10-15 obstacles. 


Trail Challenge 


Challenges will vary depending on season.

Winter- Heated Indoor Arena with a variety of Obstacles.

(Challenges will have a theme and obstacles will change per event.)

Spring/Summer - 5 acre obstacle course, trail and natural terrain.

(Challenges will have designated obstacles and trails as part of the challenge.)


We always encourage people and horses to dress up!


 Over 80 obstacles are available to challenge both the beginner and the extreme rider.   

We're excited to show you some of the new obstacles that Francis and Michelle have been working on. 

Trail Challenge Dates

  • September 15: Fall Cross Country Trail Challenge

  • October 26: Autumn Trail Challenge

  • November 16: Turkey Trot Trail Challenge

  • December 8: Country Christmas Trail Challenge

This event is non refundable. Classes and costs are as follows:

  • Youth (12 and under) - $30.00

  • Novice                        -$50.00

  • Intermediate               -$50.00

  • Advanced                   -$50.00

  • In- Hand                     -$50.00

Please make sure to register and pay. Registration form is below pay buttons.

  • Treats are not permitted during classes.

  • Boots and a western collared shirt are required unless you would like to "dress up." We highly encourage decorating you and your horse. 

  • Riding on this pattern before the event is STRICTLY PROHIBITTED and will result in being disqualified from the entire event with no refund.

  • Any excessive use of force or impractical training will not be tolerated. If this is determined, you will be disqualified from all classes. 

  • You must ride in the same class for each obstacle once selected.

  • Riders under the age of 18 must wear a helmet when mounted.

  • Excessive tries at an obstacle will result in the judge asking you to move on to the next and a score of 0 will be given at that particular obstacle.

  • When riding to an obstacle, there will be 3 different options to execute it. Novice will be easiest, Intermediate is a level harder, and Advanced will be challenging. When registering, keep in mind that you must ride that same level through the entire course. 

  • In - Hand: Horses must be sent through or over obstacles. NOT lead through or over. Points will be deducted for horses being lead. You may use a halter and lead along with a training stick or whip. 

Trail Challenge Registration

Class Selection
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