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Michelle Jerry Horsemanship Online

We have extended our program to meet your training needs in the safety and comfort of your own environment. Heart & Hooves Horsemanship Online is a detailed video series of our philosophy and training program. Every exercise has meaning and builds a solid foundation, and relationship that unites horse and rider. Not only do you get step by step instruction of each exercise, but we have also added additional support with access to a private Facebook training group, and optional monthly zoom calls with Michelle.


A monthly membership $39.99 will give you access to:

Online Horsemanship Training Videos  

Private Facebook Group

Zoom Call Monthly 

Mobile App 


We are excited to share the New Online training with you to continue being able to support your horsemanship needs.

To register for the Online School, click the link below:


I have attended three of Hearts & Hooves Horsemanship in-person clinics. Every and every time I have learned so much from Michelle. I was beyond excited when Michelle rolled out her online course. This allows me to stay connected with her and the rest of the Hearts & Hooves family. I have often thought about joining a variety of online horse schools but have felt a bit intimidated thinking that maybe my skills aren't good enough. The best thing about Michelle is that she always meets you where you are at and celebrates every small victory right along side of you. Michelle is has a wealth of knowledge and uses this in your journey towards better horsemanship. The online school has not only allowed me to watch hours of instructional videos but also gives be the chance to connect with Michelle and other horse enthusiasts on a weekly basis to celebrate our horsemanship journey. I am so thankful I decided to join the H&H online community; it is worth every penny.

-Meghan Current-Cary

My husband and I have been members of Heart and Hooves Online School since its inception. We get multiple benefits from our membership. Not only do we access online videos, but we have an online zoom meeting every week. We both feel that the personal touch from Michelle is extremely beneficial. We discuss our training questions and she posts videos the next week that address our issues. Plus being an online cohort of horsemen and women is great for community building.

We are happy to be in the online school!

Jeff & Brenda Nelson

When I was having issues with myself and my horse, Lilly, I decided it was time for some help. You see she dumped me last fall and my confidence went down the tubes! I came to Michelle and Heart and Hooves for ground lessons and we had so much fun, both learning a lot. Then winter arrived and I had neck surgery. How was I to keep up with practicing? Michelle suggested the online school. So I enrolled and it’s been fantastic. She posts videos with her horses and clients horses on all the different foundation exercises that I can watch at my convenience. She even posts videos of issues with training, because not all of us get it correct every time! She is such a great trainer, so knowledgeable and complimentary. I can’t wait for spring and being healed from surgery! Way to go Heart and Hooves Online!!

- Cindy Bender

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