Heart & Hooves Horsemanship
Arena & Obstacle Course

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Francis & Michelle Jerry

Francis and I have dedicated our lives to fostering a community where we can encourage support, and educate others. We enjoy learning and sharing our knowledge about true natural horsemanship, which is looking at the whole horse individually by communicating with and listening to them. Our goal is to help you and your equine partner become successful no matter where you are at or where you are headed in your horsemanship journey. We believe the journey never ends and that a horse is never finished. We will continue doing what we love, and that is seeking and sharing knowledge!

"Although this started out as OUR dream, it has become a dream for many of the Heart and Hooves family.
 For this, we are truly grateful."

 Heart & Hooves Horsemanship Team

H & H has a team of talented & enthusiastic horse lovers who are here to help support, motivate, and train you & your horse.
Our goal is to help you set and achieve your horsemanship goals.

Michelle Jerry

Owner & Head Trainer

Horses and helping people communicate effectively with
 their horses is my passion. I believe knowledge is power and the key to confidence for both horse and human alike.
 I seize every opportunity to expand my own horsemanship knowledge so that I can pass it along to the people and horses that are a part of the Heart and Hooves community. I am truly blessed to be able to help others realize their own horsemanship dreams simply by living and sharing my passions each and every day.
 - Michelle Jerry

Francis Jerry

Owner & Equine Massage Therapist 

Since our beginning at H&H I have witnessed amazing partnerships within our family. As our dream continues to grow, I will further my knowledge to understand the animals and how I can help them. Young Living Oils and supplements have powerful benefits along with massage will improve the whole well-being of the animals. I have found my passion and will strive to share this knowledge with you.
-Francis Jerry

Teddy Jerry

CEO of Heart & Hooves Horsemanship
Future Head Trainer

I have been here since the beginning helping my Grammy and Poppy build the arena. I have made some amazing friends and look forward to what the future holds for me at H&H. 
-Teddy Jerry

Heart & Hooves Horsemanship Team

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction

Kari Camara

Head Youth Program Trainer
I came to Heart and Hooves Horsemanship not realizing the passion and fire the power of horsemanship and the partnership it creates was in me. Heart and Hooves is now where I call home and has given me the confidence that I needed to pursue my dream of helping others with their horsemanship. I have worked side by side with Michelle to learn the Heart and Hooves Horsemanship program. I am excited to share my passion with you as a Trainer and in developing our youth program.
 - Kari Camara

Becky Malwitz

Head Assistant Trainer
 Starting with a green horse who had shaken my confidence I went to clinic 1.He had some issues and I was told I needed to get on him before I could continue to the next level. Putting me out of my comfort zone I did get on and we did continue.H &H has been with me every step of the way since,I truly believe in the way things are taught and there is no better feeling than to watch that transformation.
                            - Becky Malwitz

Kayla Kiesow

Assistant Trainer
I got my horse the summer previous to my Mom hearing about these clinics to learn horsemanship. I had never ridden him and Michelle helped me get the courage I needed to work with him and we flourished. We are now comfortable and trust each other. I may have never ridden a horse. I am super blessed to have found H & H and become a part of the family.
              - Kayla Kiesow

Michael Altimari

Horsemanship Trainer
Having been out of horses for 10 years, I decided to buy a horse and attend clinic 1 with a friend. My experience was learned from an old cowboy, H & H opened my eyes to new ways of building a partnership of trust and respect with my horse. Michelle has the ability to read each student and horse, challenging them to exceed their abilities. I've developed great friends and am honored to be a part of this family.
 -Michael Altimari

Lisa Maasch

Horsemanship Trainer
 Wanting to improve my horsemanship and create a stronger bond with my horse off to clinic 1 we went. My heart sank when I saw the obstacles, I was sure I would never get my horse up there. After several pep talks and some lovingly shoves we were able to do every obstacle and a beautiful new partnership began. I am now a lifer, and proud to be a part of this amazing family.
 - Lisa Maasch

Pam Foshay

Horsemanship Trainer
Joining up with H & H has been a life changer for me and my horses, it has brought us to a higher level of knowledge I didn't know existed. This new connection opens up windows of opportunity and we are building a stronger relationship together. My motto has been "You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and
 change the ending.  
-Pam Foshay

Brenda Nelson

Horsemanship Trainer
The Hearts and Hooves family has literally changed my life with my horses. I have grown as a horsewoman more than I ever expected. My horse is my willing partner because of
 H & H. I was ready to be done with horses but now I’m committed to learning as much as possible and helping others have the same experience!
 -Brenda Nelson

Megan Pachan

Horsemanship Trainer
I thought I had learned everything there is to know or do with horses, from trail rides to round ups to gaming to volunteer work with the mounted patrol. I thought wow I've done it all until... I met Michelle Jerry at a mounted patrol training. She taught me that I can speak in a different language without using any words only my hands and body to speak. No matter how many times I go to clinic 1 I'm always learning something new. I am excited to be part of this amazing H&H FAMILY! -Megan Pachan

Kim Muller

Horsemanship Trainer 
I have had horses all my life and have encountered many mishaps that have ended in broken bones and surgeries. I lost my confidence and was afraid every time I got on a horse. As time has gone on I found I couldn’t do it by myself and realized I needed help. That’s when I found Heart and Hooves. H&H has helped me regain my confidence and helped me work with my horse to establish a relationship with him that I had been missing. I wish that I had found H&H sooner, as they have helped me and my horses grow, but also it would Have helped me out when I was a 4-H horse project leader also. Now I’m beginning my next journey and can’t wait to start it with my new H&H family.

Kim Schenck

Spirit Leader & Newsletter Editor 
Having been to a horsemanship clinic and loving it I wanted to do more, enter H & H. This fun loving family has taught me as much about myself as it has horses. My accomplishments exceeded my dreams, my friendships grew along with my confidence not only in me but my abilities. My life has become a whirlwind of activities that I love and hope to be able to share with you. 
- Kim Schenck

Dennie Holmbeck

In Loving Memory of our Friend 
1954 - 2019
I’ve been with Heart and Hooves Horsemanship since the beginning! I have helped with registration, cooking, judging, cleaning, selling and setting up store displays, editing copy for documents and flyers. Michelle says I’m her sounding board; I just help where I’m needed! 
- Dennie Holmbeck

Karen Stormo

Clerk of the Course
I have had horses since I was 10, and thought I
knew a lot, but after my first clinic, I knew
there is so much to learn. What fun it has
been, too!  I can't wait to find out more, 
and try new things with my horses.
I have enjoyed my new job, here, and look forward to seeing my H&H family this year.