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Patty Graham

"I first attended Heart and Hooves Horsemanship for a groundwork clinic in the summer of 2019 and have attended many more clinics and Advanced Classes since then. I have always had horses but was just getting back into riding again after selling my team of Percherons. I have used and enjoyed horses with a number of different disciplines, such as driving, showing, gaming, breeding for futurity babies, trail riding, giving clinics and judging.

I look back and smile when I think of the first time. I watched Michelle and Cash perform Liberty on the second day of the clinic, and I knew right there, I wanted that!  I enjoy the groundwork and love the Liberty connection, the partnership between horse and rider. 

Together Michelle and Francis are so welcoming, they truly complement each other. Michelle is such a good teacher, always pushing to push yourself to get out of your comfort zone and grow. I am impressed that she is also so eager to learn more and expand her own knowledge and to bring that knowledge back to us.

I have been in many competitive arenas but fell the family atmosphere at the H & H barn is real. The support and encouragement to one another creates the real Friendships that will last a lifetime. Everyone wants each other to do their best and cheers them on. 

Thank you Michelle, Francis and the H & H family for everything you do. I am excited to be a part of this fantastic group!"

Irene Holland

"When I first met Michelle in 2016 I was basically clueless about horses. I knew I've always loved them (horses),but knew hardly anything. And being older it's difficult to find anyone to actually care about your safety with your love of horses. Well I found Michelle and H&H. She and her team are FABULOUS to say the least. They took the time to teach me a lot of things to keep me safe and also ENJOY being with my horse. She taught me to ride. I've taken most of her clinics and holy mackerel do you learn LOTS! But they also make sure you and your horse work fluently and enjoy each other. I've recently gotten my second horse and am planning on taking a lot of her clinics again, as I'm sure I've forgotten some and I love seeing all the new things at H&H because they keep learning, so they can pass on their knowledge."

Barb Wokasch

"What can I say besides Heart and Hooves Horsemanship is not just a safe place for my boy Kodee but a safe place for myself.

We moved to H&H fall of 2021. I had owned Kodee for almost 6 years and was not a confident rider or horse person . I ‘m embarrassed to say Kodee ran the show . Michelle soon helped me understand how groundwork and building my confidence would soon help put all my new skills together to enjoy riding again. Each day is a new day with new challenges but I know with the family that comes with being part of H&H i can take them head on , knowing there is help and encouragement every" step of the way.

Cindy Bender

"When I first met Michelle, Francis and the H and H family, it was the summer of 2015. I’ve had horses for 50 years, enjoying them for trail riding, showing, reining and gaming. When I enrolled in one of their 2 days weekend training clinics, I came home re-invigorated to learn more about horsemanship. I really

 enjoyed the groundwork! Cynthia A Carter-Bender

The next time I needed Michelle for her training skills, I was having major issues with my mare, Lilly, unbeknownst to me she had Lyme disease. We worked the next 2 years through the Lyme disease, doing groundwork at Liberty, but she had physical problems from the Lyme that forced me to stop riding her. So Michelle helped me find Bear last fall, and he is the perfect horse! Michelle, Francis and the family at H and H have enriched my life so much! I have made so many new friends and have learned so much from the H and H family. Michelle is such a great trainer. She knows my fears and helps me work through them. She is compassionate and thorough, and as a Ken McNabb Master Trainer, she knows her horsemanship! She is constantly enrolling herself in clinics with other horsemanship clinicians to always be learning more, to share with the H and H family. Every day I’m at H and H, I learn something new and so does Bear. I’m excited to see where this adventure will take both of us. Thank you Michelle, Francis and the Heart and Hooves community for all you do for us."

Michelle Jerry and Heart and Hooves Horsemanship has been a huge blessing to me this past year. I have always loved horses and had ridden for years. I fearlessly rode while I was young, but when my old gelding passed I bought a young gelding... thinking I'll be able to ride him until I'm 70 - HA!! Coming off twice, my confidence was not just shaken, it was non-existent. I wondered if I should just sell all my horse stuff and hang it up. I questioned myself. I so wanted to ride, but could I do so without getting hurt again? I didn't want to give up, but was scared to get on! And then I experienced Heart and Hooves Horsemanship, through private lessons, my horse in training with Michelle for two weeks, and now weekly group lessons I have gone from owning a horse who was disrespectfully in my space to having a relationship with him that is safe, fun, and truly enjoyable! I invested in my horse and in myself and am getting a second chance and making the most of it... I went from scared to even get on to loping and I look forward to advance classes and liberty this winter. From day one Michelle listened to me, acknowledged my fears, and she helped me step by step to overcome them. Today she pushes me to stretch a little further and encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and because of her training and coaching I have been able to do things with my horse that I once only hoped for... she has helped me not just realize my dream,

but dream a new dream!

-Julie Kolodji & Eckman

I started my horse adventure on June 26th 2020 when I purchased my first horse. She was so pretty, a paint with such beautiful colors I new she would be perfect for me. So, all back up a little. I have never owned a horse before in my life and I’m in my 50’s but wanted to know something about horses for my granddaughters. So, off I went and purchased my first horse named Iris. Loaded her and off we go! I thought ok your home with this new horse just get on and ride........ Well that isn’t what happened I tried and tried and my husband even tried. Final made the call to HEARTS & HOOVES! A warm evening in mid July I sat down with Michelle Jerry and told her my story. Everything she told me was positive and that I could learn to ride with training and a solid foundation. I left that evening feeling more confident that I could do this. MY HORSE JOURNEY BEGINS! This journey has been unbelievable in a few short months I was riding! But, Hearts & Hooves horsemanship isn’t just about learning how to take care of your horse or how to ride it’s about a group of wonderful people who love what they do and make you feel so welcomed and are instant friends that are willing to stand behind you pushing you forward to do your best. This journey has had lots of twists and turns and lots of sweat and tears. Tears when you meet your goal or when you think oh my god what am I doing...... That does not last long! I say that because they never give up they are right by your side encouraging you to stay strong and you will get it. And you do.... I’m so thankful I found a beautiful place to call my second home where I learn something knew every time I enter the barn. As for Iris and I. Iris has retired to the pasture due to health issues, she is enjoying hanging out with the mini donkeys and 2 other horses and a few cows. She holds a very special place in my heart for teaching me your never to old to learn! I now own a beautiful new girl Miss Tulsa~ OUR JOURNEY Is just beginning and looking forward to many more lessons and clinics. Thank you Hearts & Hooves Horsemanship for training and your friendship! 

- Jackie Heinrich, Miss Tulsa & Iris

My story begins in April of 2016……

I remember talking to Michelle after a few of my friends told me I should take one

of her clinics. I was tired of sending my horse to a trainer who would give him a

“refresher”. Mind you, he was “refreshed” quite a few times at this point. I spoke with

Michelle and she said she was having a clinic right down the road from me, so I decided

to sign up and go. An ice storm came along (well, of course why wouldn’t it in April) and

the person who was hosting the clinic cancelled…not Michelle!! Michelle and I talked

again, and she said, “why don’t you do Clinic 1 & 2 Memorial Weekend” at H&H. So off

I went all by myself (I didn’t do that well, the by myself thing), not knowing anyone! I

ended up knowing a few people there! I didn’t get a chance to talk much because as

many of you know Michelle has no time for chit-chat! Get to work at 8 a.m. until

when??? OMG, what did I sign up for! I loved every minute of it. I’ve done clinics before,

but nothing like what H&H has to offer. Best experience of my life!!

I went back that summer and finished Clinic 3.

Fast forward to 2019, l left H&H for a bit and realized I was back in a rut and not

doing much with my horse. So off I went and signed up for Advanced Class 2019 and

Liberty 1!! I finished 2019 and started 2020. I am so very happy I did. Both years have

been amazing, but 2020 has been such a memorable year thanks to Michelle and H&H.

I’ve met all these amazing people along with the way! I read a saying not too long ago

that said, “Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone!! I truly believe that Michelle

pushes you in this manner that you don’t even know you are being pushed until you do

it. This year, I not only finished Liberty II with LG, but also a three-day cow clinic,

Cowboy Challenge, Playday (6 ribbons won in all), and a Hobo Ride (very last place but

had a great time). Thank you for H&H for pushing me out of my comfort zone. It was

not easy to do all those things by myself (see) but because I did, I am a better partner

for my horse. I see the way he looks at me when I am on the trail, I see how he looks at

me not only for guidance in all the fun things we did but for the encouragement to keep

going. I never noticed that before! We have grown in our partnership in such a way

and I have H&H to thank for it.

I can’t wait to see what H&H has in store for me in 2021. I am sure Michelle will

be there the whole way encouraging me, Francis helping me with my fridge, and Teddy

giving me a ghost made from a Styrofoam cup! I appreciate everything I have learned

and friendships I have gained!

See you in 2021!!!

Jessie Anich

My H&H story began with Clinic One. I was cautiously optimistic! Having been a quarter horse show girl for many years this was something new and different! What a horse life changing decision this became. We have since invited Michele and her team of coaches to perform her horsemanship clinics at our farm, Gypsy Creek. She has customized the clinic experiences to fit our needs at the farm. This has helped us to achieve consistent handling of our horses! The outcome has proven to be VERY successful! We love our mannerly Gypsy Vanners! My daughter and I have completed Clinics 1 to 3, Liberty Clinic and the Trail Clinic! These experiences have given us the confidence to go and do amazing things with our horses! The obstacles course has proven to be an amazing confidence builder for both humans and horses! Our past twelve months have been life changing in developing the partnership with our horses that will last a life time! I also have to express my gratitude to all of my new friends at H &H. Heart and Hooves Horsemanship is a place you immediately feel welcome and a part of from the start. What a blast the past year has been.  

-Wendy Annis, Gypsy Creek Farm

"Warren Bennis said that “leadership is the capacity to translate vision to reality”. Michelle and Francis are leaders in the best senses of the word. They have created an inspirational program and environment that empower horsepeople to not only reach for their dreams, but dream the previously unimaginable. When I signed up for my first clinic in May 2018 with my young eventing prospect, my goal was to add a few tools to my tool box. I never contemplated performing liberty with a horse, let alone two! Yet, due to Michelle’s inspiration and support, October 2021 found me doing just that! (I didn’t think I’d ever teach my Icelandic Horse to chase a flag either. Hopefully cows are next…)

I jokingly call H&H my “gateway drug to horsemanship”. While I’d studied Dressage and some “groundwork” prior to coming to HNH, after my first clinic, I was hooked! Over the past few years I’ve participated in clinics and the “Advanced Riding Classes” and “Liberty Classes” with a variety of horses. I’m also continuously exploring horsemanship via books, podcasts, and clinics. I keep returning to H&H for the thoroughly laid out program and incredibly supportive environment that’s fostered here. The time I’ve invested in studying partnership with equids is reflected in lovely interactions with my horses/donkey, as well as my clients’ animals (ie. my patients).

Michelle’s own journey to achieve her goals and create new dreams to reach for is inspiring: she does not stop seeking knowledge! I also appreciate Michelle’s support of the overall wellbeing of the horse. She’s an advocate for treating these wonderful creatures as the athletes that they are, and educates her clients to look deeper than the behavior their mount is expressing. The continual celebration of the partnership with the horse is at the core of HNH, and the carefully fostered positive environment with support of the “HNH Family” make it a wonderful journey to travel. I’m curious to see what the future holds!"

-Laurelyn Keener, DVM

I gave H & H a try so I could spend some time with my horse and a friend of mine. I had no idea it would be life changing for me. The Heart of H and H brings full circle the love for horses and richness of friend ships The Hooves of H and H is for the horses I have taken with me on this journey. I have had horses my whole life and never been so in tune to the relationship bonds I have created with the help of Michelle Jerry and her amazing team. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to become one with your horse and part of a family of friends with a common goal.

-Deb Stein

H& H 2017 is where I learned more in my first 2 day clinic weekend than I had in most of my horsemanship life. Groundwork was key and I knew nothing about it until that amazing weekend. It was so amazing I had to keep going back! The 2019 H & H season I won a scholarship for a 2 day clinic and decided not to stop there! In totally I attended 2- 3 day clinics in 2019 (Horsemanship 1 & 2 and 2 & 3) and plan to attend more in 2020! I was tired, beat and sore all over each day and I loved every minute of it! I couldn’t wait to wake up and start training the next day all over again. From continuing, and refining, our respect on the ground to doing our first loping in the arena the H & H family and Michelle were by our side the whole way, they had my back with knowledge, support and skills that helped me grow leaps and bounds in my confidence with my little mare. Clinic 1 & 2 had me pushing my comfort zones that I wanted to conquer. I held on, did my best looking to gain that confidence in myself and my mare while we tried to loping and worked the trust exercises. I had my serious (concentrating) face on for pretty much 3 days. Michelle would ask if I was having fun and I’d say…I’m having a blast…then smile she’d say!

By clinic 2 & 3 I was the encouragement for other members, smiling big, encouraging others saying “I’ve been there, no worries you got this!” all while trotting and loping around the arena like it had never been an issue. A huge 180 from where I was a month prior. This is what H & H gives you….freedom to have fun and enjoy your horse. To smile while encouraging your other H & H family members there with you. It is the perfect place for learning everything you've never learned about what real ground work and horsemanship means and how to connect with your horse. Michelle, Francis and their team make you feel like family and teach you how to work with your horse using great techniques that are easy to understand and apply, but very effective. You'll get to push your skills and your connection to your horse in amazing ways and accomplish things you never thought you could. The obstacle course is addictive, the atmosphere is positive and full of never ending support as you figure you and your horse out. No videos on the planet can replace hands on learning at a great facility like this.

Once you attend H & H you'll always want to go back again and again!​

-Emajean Hanson-Ford

Dec. 2013 I adopted my dream horse, a beautiful paint that was going to be my partner. She was a rescue with a past that broke my heart. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but she belonged with me. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body just scared ones. I had sent her to a trainer just to have her come back as she had left. I gave up on her, found a new horse to ride and moved on. I tried to work with her but became stuck, so she would shut down and I quit. This broke me, she deserved so much better. I had heard of H & H several times and I finally decided to take a clinic. I brought my girl, the one I thought I had failed. I knew I needed to work with her more and H & H gave me the confidence I needed to give her the confidence she needed. She had been broken down physically, mentally for years. H & H gave me the knowledge to let her become her best and start the journey to forget her past. At the end of day 1, I had people telling me how amazed they were with the change and by the end of the clinic they couldn't believe how much we had changed and the progress we had made. Wait what? We did that? We couldn't have done it without H & H , they have helped me to change her story, She even has confidence in the pasture. I cannot put into words how H & H has changed me, but I know it has. I no longer feel like I am letting her down, I still do not ride her and not sure I ever will but we have an amazing connection.

Jennifer DeBelzan

I came to love H & H summer of 2015, I found them on facebook and stalked them. My confidence grew with Clinic 1 and I made wonderful connections. Jump to 2018 with 2 new horses and a husband to start Clinic 1. He was amazed @ the connection and bond he had formed in 2 days. He now had the confidence he needed to work with his horse.. We have noticed many changes in us and our horses. They now respect our space, trailer better, and are calmer. We are more aware of their needs, and how to ask for what we want. The best thing you can do for yourself and your horse is go to H & H and work with their team then go home and work there. 2019 brings us to the next level, and we are both beyond excited to learn more and see our

H & H family again.

Roni Wulf

I have been riding horses all my life. After becoming a mother I had an increased desire to do more than than just jump on and ride, and I wanted my daughter to have a horse someday that respected her and was her partner. I had considered attending clinics but thought how hard can it be. One day while out with friends riding I noticed a significant change in one of my friends and the way she was riding. She told me about H & H . After attending my first clinic I now realized that I didn't fully understand how to communicate with my horse so he knew what it was I was asking. Going on my 3rd year with H & H I now have the training and knowledge to communicate with my horse and can apply this to future horses and assist my daughter with her horsemanship skills as well.

Brittany Lien 

I started my H & H adventure just last year. It taught me so much about myself and my horse. It's not like I struggled with my horse but more like I settled, so I didn't ask for anything I wasn't comfortable with, using lots of excuses.When I would ask for a lope she would buck, my goal when going to H & H was to ride bridleless and I did! What an absolute amazing feeling.

H & H has given me confidence. I was struggling with catching my horse and one evening after turning them all out I bent down to look through the fence and my horse whipped around and gave me two eyes, ears alert and focused on me. Priceless! I am looking forward to continuing my H & H journey this year along with my daughter who is just starting hers

Trisha Hanson

I had seen Michelle @ different events where she had a booth, I would tell her that I wanted to go to her clinic one day. It took me over a year to finally make that commitment with much encouragement from Michelle. She knew I needed to step out of my comfort zone. After that first Clinic I had the bug, I wanted to keep going. My horse is overly sensitive and always willing to try for me.

H & H helped us to grow in our relationship, by the end of Clinic 2, I was riding in a group at a comfortable, relaxed lope, with a fairly loose rein. This had been my goal for many years.

H & H helped me to achieve it. I have encouraged others to participate in H & H clinics and am excited for this new year to continue on myself.​

Kim Muller

I love H & H. I learned more there in my first 2 day clinic weekend than ever expected. It was so amazing I have to keep going back. H & H is this perfect place for learning everything you've never learned about what real ground work and horsemanship means and how to connect with your horse. Michelle, Francis and their team make you feel like family and teach you how to work with your horse using great techniques that are easy to understand and apply, but very effective. You'll get to push your skills and your connection to your horse in amazing ways and accomplish things you never thought you could. The obstacle course is addictive, the atmosphere is positive and full of never ending support as you figure you and your horse out.

H & H brings a whole new level of horsemanship to your life that is fun, easy, and enjoyable. No videos on the planet can replace hands on learning at a great facility like this. Once you attend H & H you'll always want to go back again and again!

Emajean Ford 

 I initially went to Heart and Hooves to accompany my Mom - Clinic 1 in the spring of 2016. She thought it would be good to work with our horses on ground manners, horsemanship, and expand our foundation of horse knowledge. Now, let’s put this in perspective: I was a western pleasure (WP) snob who was afraid my horse would pull a muscle if she sneezed. I hated groundwork, horsemanship, even showmanship. And on top of that – I . KNEW . IT . ALL! At the clinic, I had an attitude. Michelle dubbed my horse Princess- in hindsight she was probably referring to me. However, despite my know-it-all attitude, Michelle and her staff stuck with me. I swear, just as Michelle knows how and when to push a horse to do something new – she does the same for humans. She pushed me when I needed it and gave me space when needed. I came away from that first clinic with a handful of ideas, tips, and a ray of light that maybe this horsemanship thing wasn’t so bad after all! I practiced what I learned throughout my 2016 show season and not so begrudgingly attended my second clinic, a combined Clinic 1 and 2 in the fall of 2016. This time I had a new outlook – I knew what to expect, had practiced what I could remember from Clinic 1, and show season was over - I had nothing to lose! This is the clinic that got me HOOKED! By the end of this clinic my WP show horse was walking through muddy water, pivoting in BOTH directions, got two hooves on the tearjerker (my goal), even went on a trail ride with no issues and jumped a set of tires! I guess you can say the rest is history as the summer of 2016 was the last time I showed WP! With the help of H&H and a few other friends from home this western trained girl and her horse have both turned Hunter Jumper! We are currently recovering WP addicts. In the spring of this year (2017) I went back to H&H for a third time - another combined Clinic 1 & 2 – even bringing my best friend with. This time I got all 4 hooves on the tearjerker- while mounted. I even had Princess jumping every log, tire, and rail in sight! The best part, however, is both my horse and I are happier! Princess and I are now partners with the understanding that respect is given by both of us. I recently heard my mom and her friend saying, “In the hour that I am with my horse every footfall, every movement is my idea – the other 23 hours in the pasture are my horses.” However, this would not be possible without the foundation and respect that is taught by Heart and Hooves Horsemanship.

Claire Baartman

Michelle you have lots of great testimonies for your web site! I want to thank you and Francis for teaching me so much. Sherman had an “attitude” in the first clinic and he was afraid of many of the obstacles. Michelle pushed me to be tough and patient. Through the process Sherman has become more relaxed and we have both gained confidence. Michelle has the ability to see what each of us needs. She knows when to encourage and when to push us to do more than we think we can do. If you want a great partnership with your horse, you need to come to Hearts and Hooves. ​

Sue Beulke

“Hearts and Hooves is a place where strangers become family and individuals better their horsemanship. Michelle does a great job of tailoring your experience to a skill level that challenges you individually to become more comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

Tex Hoilday

Heart and hooves has been a wonderful bonding time for myself, my girls and our horses. H &H has given me the tools to work with a not so willing horse and then be able to go on and use those tools to gain confidence in myself with a more willing partner (mare)! I am so blessed to have found Michelle and crew to help me on this wonderful journey of learning (it is sometimes hard to step out of your box when you didn’t grow up with horses!) it is amazing how they take time to be sure each individual gets what they need out of each clinic. Different people, different levels working towards one goal! -  

Nikole Baudek

”Had a GREAT time learning ground work at Heart & Hooves Horsemanship Clinic 1–Thank you Michelle for being a knowledgeable and fun instructor (and your helper in the field, John who helped me get Theo in this pose)! I highly suggest this clinic to anyone needing to gain the groundwork I have something to fall back on instead of "oh what do I do"...Thank you, thank you, thank you:)

Denise Sellin

I found MYSELF at H &H, my love for working with Shiloh has increased tenfold. This was not an easy feat! We are both in our senior years with little knowledge between us. But you should see us now!Michelle has put the fire under both of us, literally, at least that is how it felt! She made my dreams come true, and continues to do so with her guidance and nurturing spirit.She is truly my soul sister! You have to Dream it to Achieve it.

Kim Schenck

"I first met Michelle and Francis Jerry, along with other Heart and Hooves family, when Michelle first opened. My husband and I were brand new to horse ownership and didn’t have the slightest clue what groundwork was. Neither of us had ever lounged a horse, let alone, done any other type of ground work or desensitizing. My husband was as green as they come and never had put a halter on, led a horse, etc. I was ecstatic about signing up for our first clinic, an anniversary present from my husband, but also scared out of my mind because I wasn’t sure what to expect and didn’t want to be the laugh of the class. I was soon to learn that I had a horse that led me around and had a major respect issue with his front shoulders. Michelle shared her knowledge and helped educate us and our horses on ground manners and basic horse knowledge and understanding. I was given the tools to be in charge and have a mutual respect and partnership with my horse, Bandit. I wanted to be like a sponge to soak up every piece of knowledge. I still feel like a sponge and am so blessed that Michelle has been a part of our lives. I have now completed 6 clinics with Michelle and I yearn for more. If I could be at H&H every weekend, I would be. I have by far surpassed what I thought I would be learning from these clinics. I have exceeded multiple goals, with Michelle’s guidance, and I look forward to completing more challenges and goals. Bandit and I have such an amazing, safe, relationship. If someone would have told me that I would be able to back my horse into a trailer, among other things, I would have told them they are crazy. I can’t express in words how grateful I am of Michelle and her team. The clinics that Michelle and her team offers are fit for any level of rider or horsemanship person. There is always information to learn and fine tune. Michelle, thank you for your guidance so Bandit and I can be the

Tex Hoilday

Time spent with my Heart and Hooves family is precious! I just love to retreat to this place, my home away from home. I continue to gain knowledge and confidence in myself as a whole as well as my horsemanship. Thank you for constantly challenging me to step outside of my comfort zone and pushing me to be better! My mare and I have accomplished things that I wouldn't have even dreamt possible prior to Heart and Hooves! Looking forward to 2018 and the challenges that are yet to come!

Kari Camara

Heart and Hooves Horsemanship has open the world of horsemanship to me in ways that I thought I would never achieve. I was a late in life rider and even though I took lessons and other clinics I just never felt like I was anything but a green rider and didn't quite know how to strengthen the bond of cooperation with my horses. I was at Michelle's first clinic and it hooked me. I am a lifer. I not only have gained confidence, knowledge, and riding skills I have made many wonderful friends that will be with me for life. Michelle is an incredible trainer of not just the horses but of the riders.

Eileen Menefee

Alexis Schwochert

"Heart and Hooves Horsemanship has helped me become a better, more confident horseman and helped my horse become a much more respectful partner. You cannot find a better combination between, instructor, method and set up.

I highly recommend this to all horseman's new to experienced."

Becky Malwitz

"As a person who has a 4 year degree in Equine Science, I can't say enough about everything I learned at Heart & Hooves Horsemanship. I learned more practical

knowledge about making a partnership with my horse and gaining respect. I found the holes in my training as well as learned more hands on about the all around care.

I learned the value of chiropractics for my horse, as well as the finer parts of hoof care and nutrition (from the guest speakers at lunch time). My horses are happier and I am a better horseman because of Michelle and her program.

As a benefit of the skills and knowledge gained, as well as coaching received, I was able to ride my gelding who prior to Heart & Hooves had very violently bucked me off 3 times shaking my confidence.

To top it off, I developed a relationship with wonderful people that I can tap into as I move forward on my horsemanship journey.

I can't wait to take both my horses back for clinics in the future. I always learn something new every time I go."    

Susan Wilson

"While working with Michelle & Francis at their farm and acting as guest speaker (equine nutrition) during clinic lunch breaks, I saw first hand their professionalism and enthusiasm to help each attendee achieve their individual goals. Each clinic was full of hard work, proven techniques and lots of positive feedback, creating an atmosphere of real accomplishment for both horse and human.

No matter what your discipline, the time spent building the skills gained here pays off in every arena and the camaraderie you develop with other participants lasts well beyond the arena.

If you have a horse, I recommend you treat yourself and your horse."

Lisa Lynn Maasch

"I attended Class 1 in beginning of May. It was a fabulous class and a great bonding experience with my new horse! Michelle and Francis were fantastic hosts and I learned a lot. Everyone who helped with the class was fabulous! I am attending Class 2 in October."

Peg Newton

"A great place for having a really fun time with your horse..good people that make you feel welcome."

Megan Stangler

"Do you have a problem with your horse that you have just let slide? Does your horse respect your space? Do you want to build a better and more trusting relationship with your horse? Do you want to spend a fun weekend bonding with your horse?

Then H&H is for you! I brought my newly purchased mare last summer and signed her up for clinic 1. This year, I have signed up for clinic 2 and 3 and the Advanced class. I have gained more knowledge and understanding then I have had my entire life around horses. And the best part is you get to be apart of a larger H&H family. Michelle is a great teacher and friend. The Jerry's put on a wonderful clinic.

If you are considering on spending a weekend with your horse, come to Heart and is defiantly time well spent!"

Leah Rasmusson

"There are not enough good things I could ever say about Michelle and Francis! Two wonderful people with big hearts and ever growing knowledge. They have helped so many people and horses. There is nothing better doing what you love and making friends along the way. Strongly recommend taking the clinics!"

The Christensen's

"We brought 4 of, probably the worst horses Michelle and John have ever had to work with. Now know that these are horses that my family broke out and have been riding for many years here in MN, Iowa, and WI. They were showing there true colors right as they got out of the trailer. Michelle and John and Lexis worked with us and our horses and gave us a whole new understanding of horse human relationship. My girls Sammy 15 and Emily 12 and there horses worked very hard and took home with them the fundamentals to horsemanship that they work on each time they go to the barn. Thank you Heart and Hooves, Michelle, John, Lexis and Frances for hosting such a needed clinic so close to home. We will be there for more clinics and hope to build a friendship with our new horsey friends."

Val Tracy

"I was able to attend Clinic 1 on May 14-15. Despite the cold weather it was an awesome adventure with my mare Sterling. We learned a lot and developed a whole new side to a relationship! I am so looking forward to attending Clinic 2 in the future!! Thank you Michelle and Francis for all you do!!"

Anne Portinen

"Thank you for all the hospitality you and Francis give to everyone. I am sure you are tired from all the hard work you both put into the clinics as well as arena and course. I have been to many clinics and find that you break down and explain the process of why and it's very easy to follow. I have never felt stupid for saying, 'I don't get it.' or 'Can you show me again?' I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything you all do and to know you are only 2 hours away from me to come and squat is comforting. You have a little piece of heaven and you and all of your staff are my angels. Thank you again."

Megan Gustafson

"I attended my first clinic at Heart & Hooves May 2015. It was the MOST fun I have EVER had with horses and I’ve been riding (trail riding, 4H western pleasure, horsemanship and barrels/games) since I was little. Since then, I have taken Clinic 1 & 2 with my 4 year old mare. This year she'll take Clinic 3 and she is also in the monthly Advanced Class. This spring, I brought my gelding to Clinic 1 and my other mare takes Clinic 1 & 2 this weekend! 

The respect, bonding and learning that happens at H&H is amazing. Michelle and Francis are professional, knowledgeable, helpful and incredibly gracious hosts. The arena and obstacles are awesome and so much fun. 

I have referred many friends to H&H’s and continue to tell anyone who loves horses that they have to experience this place."

Deidre Van Camp

"Hearts and Hooves Horsemanship holds such a special place in my heart.

Words just can't express what they do for the people and horses with each clinic they host. I would recommend it for anyone wanting to further their horsemanship skills. I've had horses my entire life, but I've always been the get on and go type rider. With the help of Heart & Hooves I discovered there is so much more to horsemanship."

Mara Kemmer

"Absolutely love Hearts and Hooves. Most fun I have had in a very long time! I can't wait to go back and learn more. They help you build confidence and fine tune your horse while having a blast!"

Lexie Lofgren

"I attended my 1st H&H clinic (1&2) this past weekend with my 3yo mare whom I haven't rode more then 5 times. I was really looking forward to boning with her. I can not explain in just words how great it was! I would (and will) HIGHLY suggest this clinic to ANYONE willing to learn and have fun while bonding and learning with their horse and possibly learning a bit about themselves as well.

I plan to attend clinic 3 yet this year, would really like to sign up for the advance classes, and hopefully another clinic 1 with my 2yo.

EVERYONE was so great to be around, Michelle and Francis along with the rest of the H&H helpers are a real team! It takes teamwork to be successful.

THANK YOU HEART AND HOOVES FAMILY!!!! We will be seeing you again!"

Cathy Eplin Hansen

"Hearts & Hooves changed my relationship with my gelding, Kruz. It was his last chance....what an amazing outcome we had! Clinic 1 and 2 were emotional and fulfilling. There is absolutely NO comparison. Highly recommended! Michelle, Francis, Alexis and everyone else make your stay incredible. ❤️‼️"

Stephanie Lidholm

"I went to a clinic last year, and had an awesome time! I've learned a ton about myself and my horse! Definitely would recommend anybody go to one of the clinics, if not all of them!"

Laura Kemmis

"I'm happy to spread the word of H&H because I have experienced your program myself - and participating in your clinics has helped so much with my Radish and with my friends and their horses.

Radish left last night for the State 4H Show at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds. He is being shown today in Poles and Jumping Figure 8; Saturday in Key Race and Western Pleasure; Sunday in Barrels and Western Horsemanship; and Monday in Hunt Seat Equitation. (He's pretty versatile!)"

Dori Ramondo

"Here is food for thought how lucky and fortunate our Heart & Hooves group is. Not only does Michelle give great clinics and great private lessons but can tease us about our faults and praise you for the success we've had. And yet she will sit down and have supper with us and we can share the laughter of where we've come from and what we've done in the past with horses. Here we are today united as a group. That doesn't happen in the real world with a clinician. I would say we are very, very fortunate. Can't wait until the next class. Thank you Michelle for being grounded and caring."

Carol Gist

"The past few months have been really tough with me and my buddy Barron. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to ever ride him again. Michelle and the family at Hearts and Hooves have helped us through a very challenging time. I can never thank them enough. Barron and I are becoming a team and I look forward to riding him soon."

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