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What We Offer

              Here at Heart and Hooves, we want our horses to feel the best they possibly can. Using our THEraPlate daily on our personal and training horses has dramatically helped them. Standing on it ourselves is amazing when we've been riding horses all day. We feel so passionately about this machine, that we have decided to become distributers! We have our full size equine THEraPlate here in our barn that you are more than welcome to try out. Sessions run $30.00 for half an hour. If you and your horse love it, which we are sure you both will, then we can talk about you getting your very own! 


 ~Ask us how a machine can become a Profit Center

~Decreased Vet Bills

~Decreased Down Time

~Increased Bone Density & Muscle Mass

~Increased Joint Mobility & Flexibility - In Many Cases Horses No ~Longer Need Joint Supplements

~Reduced need for joint injections

~Faster Healing Through Increased Production of ATP (30 days becomes 15-20 Days)

~Horses On Stall Rest Can Maintain Muscle and Bone Density ~Without Risk of Further Injury

~Horse that are Stalled for Other Reasons Can Get the Same  Benefits

~Pre Performance - Warm Up

~Post Performance -Warm Down


~Hoof Issues



~Suspensory Issues

~Under Run Heels

~Thin Soles

~Bucked Shins

How Does it Work?

~Active proprietary Vortex Wave Circulation Stimulation Technology

~Smooth and Quiet Operation

~Injury Prevention - the key is REGULAR CONSISTENT use.

~Counters Chronic Inflammation Conditions

~Speeds Healing - On Average Heals in Half the Time

~You Can Feel the THEraPlate Working in the Horses Whole Body, including all the way up their Back, Neck and Rump

~Reduces The Major Cause of Most Pain - Natural & Drug Free

~Powerful Yet Gentle, Will Not Injure or Aggravate Existing Injuries

~Horses Enjoy the Treatment - Start With Low Speed and Gradually Increase

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