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Lyons Legacy

Josh Lyons


3-Day Riding Clinics 
May 14-16 & May 20-22 

Rider Level: Beginner – Advanced

Horse Level: Green – Advanced

During the course of this 3-Day Clinic you can expect that both horse and rider will learn foundation exercises, lessons, and principals covered in the conditioned response program offered at Lyons Legacy. Riders will first and foremost learn to effectively control their horse.  No matter if you have been horseback for years or rode a horse years ago, all riders have the same common goal: to improve the level of control they have in regards to the horse they are riding.  Lyons Legacy is here to help you reach that goal and take your horsemanship to the next level.

The cost of our 3- Day Clinic is $750 per horse and rider.

Auditors (Fence sitters) are always welcome for $25 per day.

Josh will cover multiple topics as determined by the goals of the riders participating in the Clinic.  Our Clinics are kept small and intimate in an effort to not overlook any area of concern for each participant.  Josh will work with you and your horse, no matter your riding level or discipline, working with you to make sure you achieve success during the Clinic.

Topics: Bridle Work, Hip Control, Transitions or Change of Speed, Diagonal Movement, Teaching Tricks, Various Problem Solving and Much More!

May 24, 2021.


1- Day Josh Lyons Symposium

Imagine spending an educationally packed day with Josh
while he demonstrates the Lyons’ Conditioned Response Method.

What’s Covered at a Josh Lyons Symposium?
Proper Round Pen Use
Bridling a Horse For The First Time
Teaching a Horse To Accept a Saddle Blanket and Saddle
Properly Handling a Horse’s Fear
Proper Mounting and Dismounting Techniques on an Unbroke Horse
Taking First Steps on an Unbroke Horse
Introducing Your Legs to an Unbroke Horse

Cost is $25.00

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