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Heart & Hooves Horsemanship Liberty Classes

              The Liberty Horsemanship Classes are 9 month courses offered to a limited number of participants. Students will meet once a month from February through October for a 1 1/2 hour class. The first 2 classes will be in the classroom and after that you will need a horse. All of the Heart and Hooves Horsemanship groundwork exercises will be covered in detail. A person could dedicate a lifetime to working at this level and never run out of things to learn. 

Get close to your horse and never stop getting closer!

All classes are limited to 15 participants.

February - March will be on Zoom. (NOT IN PERSON)

April - October @ H&H Arena in person with horse.


Feb. 11th - Mar. 11th - Apr. 22nd - May 20th - June 24th - July 16th - Augs. 12th - Sept. 9th - Oct. 7th

1st Year 8:00am - 9:30am

2nd Year 9:30am - 11:00am

3rd Year 11:00am - 12:30pm

1st Year Liberty Class:

Journey to Liberty, Overcoming the Fear


Building a bond that allows you to create an equine partnership that goes beyond the halter and lead rope is a feeling that cannot be put into words. This class was designed to concentrate on groundwork to create an everlasting partnership. It will start out with foundation groundwork skills and progress to more advanced groundwork. Understanding what is important to the horse, having the ability to read each as an individual, and knowing the how, why, and when of responding makes the possibilities for the horse and human partnership endless. When you faithfully practice the skills learned between classes, you will excel in your journey to liberty.

Prerequisites: None

Please register in the session of your choice.

Contact H&H to check session availability.

Pay Deposit $250

Pay Full Amount $500

2nd Year Liberty Class:

Journey to Liberty the Next Chapter


This class was designed to concentrate on continuing your groundwork to create an unbreakable partnership. It will review and build on your advanced groundwork skills, which will advance your techniques for Liberty. We will focus on you, and how you are communicating with your horse off lead. 

This class is meant to take you and your horse to the next level of Liberty.

The possibilities are endless with you and your equine partner. DREAM BIG!

Prerequisites: Journey to Liberty, Overcoming the Fear 

Please register in the session of your choice.

Contact H&H to check session availability.

3rd Year Liberty Class:

Liberty the Jounrney 


If you wanted to take your Liberty training to the next level this clinic is for you.  During the 9 months we will enhance you and your horses liberty skills to the next level by teaching advanced maneuvers.  Such as the lay down, working multiple horses at the same time, Spanish walk and more. These maneuvers are often exhibited by professionals and begin preparing you to perform, and compete in Liberty competitions and shows.  

The partnership that you and your horse will develop will be an inspiration to others.

 All Liberty 3 Students will have the opportunity and support to compete with ILHA Association. 

Prerequisites: 1st & 2nd Year Liberty Classes

Please regsister in the session of your choice.

Contact H&H to check session availability.

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