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Advanced Classes

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1st & 2nd Year Advanced Class
The advanced class is a 10-month course offered to a limited number of participants. Students meet once a month January-October for a 2 1/2 hour class. At the end of the season we end with an Obstacle Course Challenge! During the winter months, it is classroom instruction only. Beginning in April, you will bring your horse. Our main goal with this class is to  build a partnership.

1 st Year:
Topics covered include: horse care, stable management, horse psychology, training & effective riding. Skills learned include: gaits: walk, trot, lope, stop; backing, flexion, leg positions, zones of our horse, softness: side to side, collection: vertical, shoulder control: yielding forequarters, side passing, yielding hindquarters: two tracking. 
 You must have finished Clinic 1 & 2

2nd Year:
Topics covered include: Horse health, horse diseases & disorders. We will be fine tuning the skills that you learned in 1st year such as  softness: side to side, collection: vertical, shoulder control: yielding forequarters, side passing, yielding hindquarters: two tracking, rollbacks, and leads. Of course we have many new challenges for you and your horse with putting it all into motion.
You must have finished Clinic 1, 2,3 & 1st year Advanced Class

We will utilize our arena and obstacle course to practice these skills. 
We are going to add buttons to your horse!

Cost: $475 

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2017 2nd Year Advanced Class

John & Handsome
"2017 2nd Year Challenge Champion"

"Being a member of the Advanced Class, has given me the tools and knowledge to help build a relationship with my horse Handsome, that I didn't know possible. It also has shown me that there is so much more to learn." 
                     John Ahonen

Jaime & Bear
"2016 Challenge Champion"

"I have had horses for about 20 years now, but I have never had a bond with a horse like I do with Bear. I know this is because of Heart and Hooves Horsemanship. Michelle doesn't just teach you how to train a horse. She teaches you how to communicate with them in a way they understand. She has an amazing ability to read horses and humans, and will help you find what works for you and your horse. Both her and Francis truly care about every person and horse that step foot on their property. Making that first decision to attend a Heart and Hooves clinic was the best decision, and has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. " Jaime Sipe

Megan & Earl

"2nd year advanced class was as amazing as the 1st year. The bond with my horse, Earl, was incredible.  I had to use a different horse as my other was lame. I liked him, but didn't ' love' him as I hadn't spent much time with him. I can say after this year, we really bonded and our relationship is completely different. I used to go out to the pasture and he wouldn't even look up at me. Now, he comes over right away just to stand by me, follow me around, etc. Because of H&H & the Advanced Class, I am able to take him on the obstacle course at liberty, participated in the liberty demo at the Fun Day and also rode him BRIDLELESS on the course. Liberty and bridless were never on my radar as I didn't even dream I could ever do those things. But, thanks to Michelle & H&H we did it."    Megan Gustafson

Sheila & Diesel

"My Horse, Diesel, and I have attended the Advance Class for the last 2 years offered by Heart & Hooves Horsemanship. We struggled, I could not get him individual feet alone, get him to soften,bend or collect up. Or necessarily know what that all means or looked like. Thank You Michelle for breaking down the steps to help me learn to communicate with Diesel while under saddle. At the end of the season each year I only felt successful and had the confidence to ask for more."   Sheila Perrington

Krystl & Naughty

"H&H Advanced Class is one of the best things I’ve ever done. In 2nd year class, I was amazed at how much calmer Naughty was and how much better he did on the course - even after a winter of not much work. The liberty work and demo were awesome. I really didn’t plan on doing liberty and honestly didn’t think my horse would do it.. I was amazed at how fast he picked it up! I am so thankful for H&H and Michelle and Francis, and I will also be forever grateful for the support and encouragement of my advanced classmates." Krystl Strinhart

1st Year Advanced Class


Dee & Balyor
"2017 Challenge Champion"

"2017 Advance Class has helped me continue my horsemanship journey.  There is hope, my redneck ways can be changed! Do your groundwork and it will clean up I promise (M.J). I love the bond  Baylor and I have built along the way. We look forward to see what more circles brings us! Thank you Michelle, Francis and H&H Family for the inspiration and support.
 I'am truly blessed!"
Dee Ayers

Becky & Rusty
"2017 Challenge Champion"

"I have a hard time putting in to words what I feel about H&H: When I signed up to do the advanced class with Michelle, I knew that I was going to get to learn to do some of the more advanced maneuvers with my horse. What I got was so much more. This class, and the homework we were given, pushed us to be even better. More than that, it pushed us to connect even more. I became more in tune to my horse with what and how he was feeling. I started to pick up the subtle signs that he was or wasn't understanding what I was asking. I also improved my ability to pick up subtle changes that indicated he wasn't comfortable. These connections allowed me to change how I was asking or to seek the professional (saddle fitter, chiropractor, massage therapist, etc.) to help me get him where we wanted to go. My confidence in my ability to correct and support him has grown exponentially. There were times when I became very frustrated, but Michelle was always there to reassure me that I was doing the right things and headed in the right direction. Because of this solid foundation that I have built through all the clinics and the advanced class, I am ready to start the next chapter in my horsemanship journey and chase one of my dreams. Thank you Michelle for all you and your team has helped me to accomplish." Becky Malwitz

Sherrie & Cheyenne  
"2017 Ely Challenge Champion"

"I truly enjoy being a part of the H&H family and the Ely advanced riding group. Special bonds were made this year. I loved meeting and spending time with like minded people and watching bonds between horses and riders grow. I enjoyed fine tuning my skills as a rider, gaining better control of my horses movements without diminishing her fiery spirit. Her spirit and spunk is what I love about this mare. Cheyenne and I are a true match inside and out. I am learning to feel her as she moves each leg beneath me. Also we have practiced our ground tying. She now ground tied to be saddled. No more worry of pulling back while tied. I want to thank Michelle for being such an Inspiration to me in my horse adventure. I want to be like her when I grow up" 
Sherrie Braaten

Lexie & Lena

"Memorial day weekend 2016 I became a part of the H&H family. Through the 2016 clinics I attended I realized my love for horses is true passion. After watching the 2016 advance class demo in October 2016 I KNEW I wanted to be a part of Michelle’s advance class for 2017. The advance class for me was everything I had hoped and expected plus more! From the goals set to the goals met and everything in between. I can’t say I was always happy with what Michelle had to say but I will say SHE WAS RIGHT! The class for me was good in so many ways! I loved that pretty much no matter what once a month I got to go to H&H, learn and push through the tough stuff that did “CLEAN UP”. I appreciate the direction and support! The class is both an individual and team effort! This was a commitment that was well worth it! I have taken knowledge from the H&H clinics and this class beyond the horse. For me I feel I am a better and stronger person because of H&H. THANK YOU Michelle, Francis, my classmates, and the rest of  the H&H family for all you do!   I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for Lena and I!Lexie Lofgren 

Brittany & Indy

"I started out at H&H with my

 “tough nut” Foxtrotter in May 2016. Throughout that summer, we went through Clinics 1, 2, and 3 together and enrolled in the 2017 Advanced Class. It turned out to be a bigger commitment than I had bargained for, but it was SO worth it to put in the effort!

Early on in the class, my horse and I both struggled with confidence in each other. With Michelle’s help over the next several classes, we were able to overcome those insecurities and start working as a true team. She has a great talent for recognizing when you’re struggling and working with you at your level -- pushing just enough to get the results you’re looking for. From the first day of class to the Obstacle Course Challenge and Demo Routine on Fun Day, you’d be hard-pressed to believe we were the same horse and rider team! We learned and accomplished so much over the year! Thank you, Michelle, Francis, my classmates, and the entire H&H family for all the support and encouragement you’ve offered Indy and me this season. We can’t wait to come back in 2018!" Brittany Bohland

Carol & Sweets

"My horse Sweets and I have been so blessed by H&H. We participated in 4 clinics and most of all the Advanced Horsemanship class this past year. I built friendships that I feel will last a lifetime. Michelle, Francis and the H&H family challenged Sweets and I to focus on the partnership she and I have. To listen to each other. We made lots of progress and regressed occasionally but were encouraged and guided to move forward. I will be doing Advanced 1 again as we still have so much to work on. Horsemanship isn't just one clinic or one season. It's a life's journey." Carol Gist

Laurie & Montana

"I first heard of Heart and Hooves in 2015 from my pups' vet. I having a bad year as far as my horses were concerned. I had experienced 2 buck offs (not my horses) and the loss of 2 of my own, including my Paso Fino soul mate mare Nellie. Late that summer I purchased a new horse, but after literally a life time of riding my confidence was shaken. Let me say that in 2015 is was 66. So, in 2016 I signed up for my first clinic and Montana and I did Clinics 1, 2 and 3 in short order. I loved it! Montana was a bit of a challenge. After telling Michelle I didn't have gloves, wouldn't need them, he was the horse who ripped through my hands and took off very early in Clinic 1. We made progress though and I fell in love with my horse and Heart and Hooves. I learned so much! We can never be too old for that. So after completing those clinics I started thinking maybe I could sign up for the Advanced Class. I didn't feel confident but Michelle assured me that we were ready. By the way, Michelle is great about instilling confidence and meeting you where you are. The Advance Class this year was even more than I could have hoped. I am no longer a bold rider, but I love what I've learned, the friendships I've made and the connection with my horse. Just driving into the H&H grounds gives me a feeling of happiness, peace, homecoming that is hard to explain. So no matter your age, skill level, discipline, if you are thinking about signing up for a clinic, class or lesson, rest assured, you won't be disappointed!"   Laurie Peterson

Leah & Pete

"What can I say about my advanced class this year nothing but rewarding. I've learned so much more in my communication skills and body language skills that for me as a person I believe I grew to be a better individual in everyday life. I couldn't have done it without Michelle without her laughter words of wisdom and teaching skills she is Simply Amazing. There is never a dull moment with the Hearts and Hooves family, I would be lying if I said I didn't have tears of frustration and joy. Not only do we get to play with our horses and teach our horses we get to be with a wonderful group of people that share the same goals in reaching accomplishments! No one is better then anyone else but when we work together we can do anything!" Leah Rasmusson   

Corinna & Chewy

"I am so grateful to Heart and Hooves for providing a wonderful path to greater Horsemanship. This has been a great journey in not only how far we have come, but in helping to realize there are no limits if you aspire. What a great ride!!" 

 Corinna Prestegard

Eileen & Charley

"This was my 2nd year doing Advanced Class, but first year I could complete with one horse. I love the relationship I have built with Charley and continue to be spurred on to continue my horsemanship skills by Michelle Jerry. But best of all is being with the other riders and being supported no matter what level you are at. We are a family at Heart and Hooves Horsemanship and have 
lots of fun to boot!"  
Eileen Menefee

Jill & Cisco

"Hard to know where to start... Michelle, Francis & the entire H&H team is bar far the best thing that has happened in my horse world. Not only do I have a wonderful, respectful relationship with my “big hunk ‘o meat”, I have a newly developed confidence that encourages me to continue to learn more and more with each class I take! Lastly, 

I have a new group of supportive 

like-minded horse friends." 

 Jill Anderson 


Mary & Emmit/Trinity

" I started riding horses later in life. This brings on some challenges and I took a rough road but stuck with it until I found my slow moving beautiful paint. A few years ago I bought another great horse and knew I wanted to do something more. The only problem my horse wouldn't load. I called Michelle and told her I wanted to take her class and she came out to help teach my horse to load so I could go. What passion and compassion to help at this level. At that point I could trot a straight line but that was about it. Through taking the Heart & Hooves Horsemanship classes I have been mentored and pushed to reach my riding dreams. I know there are others out there that have the dream but need a safe environment to learn and practice. Don't give up your dream. This is not only a place to work on your skills but a place to make lifelong friends." Mary Rauvola

Stephanie & Moon

"Advanced class has really increased my confidence with mine and my horses abilities. I always thought we would be stuck in the same place we’ve been for a while but since completing the advanced class, I’m so happy with all we’ve accomplished! I feel like I can actually go much farther with horses than I originally thought!"

Stephanie Lidholm

Mary Ann & Altjie

"The way Michelle and Francis are able to help you bring out the best in your horse and yourself is amazing. Thank you for helping Altjie and I become a great team! The journey we have been on this past year is only the beginning. I love Heart and Hooves...what they stand for, the passion they have and are so willing to share, and the way that you become a part of the H&H family! Thank you! "

Mary Ann Snyder

Annie & Magic


Jennifer & Sarge


Colleen  & Bo


Heart & Hooves 2017 Advanced Class

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