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Arena & Obstacle Course

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Advanced Class 2016

The advanced class is a 10-month course offered to a limited number of participants. Students meet once a month January-October for a 3 hour class and end with an Obstacle Course Challenge! During the winter months, it is classroom instruction only. Beginning in April, you will bring your horse. Our main goal with this class is to understand how our horse moves and how we can gain control of their movements.

Topics covered include: horse care, stable management, horse psychology, training & effective riding. Skills learned include: gaits: walk, trot, lope, stop; backing, flexion, leg positions, zones of our horse, softness: side to side, collection: vertical, shoulder control: yielding forequarters, side passing, yielding hindquarters: two tracking, sliding stops & roll backs.

We will utilize our arena and obstacle course to practice these skills. We are going to add buttons to your horse!

You must have finished Clinic 1, 2 & 3.

Cost: $475

Visit Our Schedule for 2018 clinic & class dates.

Thank you 2016 Advanced Class for being fabulous - you've all always made me feel comfortable and supported and I am so grateful for all of you! And, of course, thank you Michelle and Francis for everything you do for us! A year ago I never would've imagined that Naughty and I would be where we are today.

Krystl Steinhart - Naughty


Advanced Class has really helped me bring my pieces together. Being a rider all of my life and coming up in a show home, I had some stuff in place. But never felt I really knew for sure. I had taken other classes in the past and left feeling even less confident in my knowledge. Now, all of my confusion is cleaned up and I feel much more rounded! I love my new tools and plan to keep building them up! Thanks H&H!

Alexis Schwochert - Chief


Michelle has the most amazing ability to know when you need to be pushed, when you need to be encouraged or when you just need some support and reassurance. It's why she is so good at what she does. Because of this ability, because of her endless knowledge, and because of the motivation provided by my classmates, I have done things with Bear I thought were impossible. And now, I believe there is no such thing as impossible! I can't imagine life now without my H&H family.

Jaime Sipe - Bear


My dream is becoming a reality thanks to Michelle and Heart and Hooves Horsemanship!

Dennie Holmbeck - Pecos

My participation in the Advanced Class changed my relationship with not just one horse but with all horses. I was encouraged to get out of my "box" and gain the self confidence needed to take my horsemanship to the next level. The knowledge and help and help from Michelle and the H&H family made it extra special! I can't wait until next year! I am a lifer at H&H!

Eileen Schwankl Menefee - Charlie

The Advanced Class is fantastic. I love getting to camp & spend time at H&H every month! The difference in my horse after this year is amazing and I can hardly wait to get started again in 2017. It's fun to learn new things every month and everyone is always there to support and encourage each other. Thank you Michelle & Francis for everything you do!

Megan Gustafson - Joey


If you can take the class do it. Not only will you & your horse become better partners, you gain confidence & learn techniques on how to overcome obstacles. You also gain a lot of friends who are learning beside you.

Lisa Lego - Dakota

Being part of the Advanced Class was a lot of fun and I learned that there is a lot more to horsemanship. Handsome and I have a much better relationship than I ever thought possible.

John Ahonen - Handsome

Michelle has taught me so much in the last year. Growing up, I just got on and rode. All the stuff that I did was self taught through trial and error, friend's advice and books. I was doing okay, pretty good for never having a lesson.... or so I thought! Michelle gave me the tools to have a solid horse. Stiletto is soft. She is responsive to the bit, my seat and legs. She is getting better and the best part is I have, too! I have the tools and the knowledge I did not know I desired! I am a lifer and will be back next year to see what else Stiletto and I can accomplish together! Oh, did I mention the friends I have made? Just another great benefit of the class!!

Megan Stangler - Stiletto

Thank You H&H for the time and dedication to Me and my horse to help us have a better partnership. During the Advanced Class I not only moved forward but I learned where I had to go back to build my foundation. Your honesty and knowledge was outstanding. Thank You again. See you next season!

Sheila Perrington - Diesel